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Valentine’s Day Special Edition

This year’s season of love writing prompt for Valentine’s Day was to share an original poem of the poet’s own composition, answering the question in 300 words or less, “What is love?”

Only members of the WE PAW Bloggers group on Facebook are eligible for participation in the prompt and publication in this group online magazine.

It’s Not An Emotion

A definition of love in poetry

It’s not an emotion…
just a feeling of the hour…
Is it our privilege?
Is this why our souls cower
in the dark all alone
in absence of its light?
We are all lost without
this word’s four letter might.

Life seems dim and lonely.
Lost, it feels most like a curse.
Crushed by low betrayal…
Sentiment born in a hearse…
But… what might we be
when we turn from the cold?
What might be our new fate
if our path may be so bold?

Between two lonely hearts…
a bond forged in loyalty…
a gift to birth our hope…
we find strength in honesty.
In it’s throes we revel…
an assured companion ours.
The heart of warmth and light
On our future dream flowers

This pledge is an embrace
all the gift that is True Love
Love’s not an emotion
It’s much more than we dreamed of
Love is more than passion…
always more than honest…
Love’s not an emotion.
My heart, Love is a promise.

© 09 November 2014, by D. Denise Dianaty

Twenty Years Plus

Image collage sole property of the poet

On my 20th Anniversary, This is my definition of love…

Love is a first kiss in the desert.
Love is playing hooky and going to the beach.

Love is being cheered on to the finish line
when you don’t think you can take another step.

Love is wanting to pull your hair out and scream.
Love is not pulling your hair out and screaming.

Love is comfortable silence.
Love is raucous laughter.

Love is Peanut M&Ms in your popcorn.
Love is a Kung-Fu movie-thon.

Love is holding on with both arms
when relentless sobs rack your body.

Love is twenty plus years of life together,
and twenty plus years to come.

by Bonita Gutierrez

No Regrets

Photo of “him” on a path in Guatemala, taken by the poet

With you, there were blazing sunsets
Nights full of stars,
Comets, adventure, UFOs,
Shuffleboard, and bars.
Warm nights, coyote dream,
Creative time in two rooms,
Laughing till tears, your turn to buy
Big breakfast at noon.
Now orange and pink sunrises
In a rearview mirror unfold
With quiet time, books, friends,
Future clueless yet bold.
Something’s go, never to return
Or linger melancholy;
Life is good, cherished gifts,
Love denied, yet held dearly.
Thank you for years,
Joy of memory, time well spent,
Photographs, and ticket stubs.
Peace to you, my love, and happiness.

by Toni Kief

What ‘Love’ Is

Elderly couple walking in along a wooded path, by EddieKphotohttps://buff.ly/3LxBsdA

It is the age old question
Of those who do not know
Who know little but lust
Of a great big public show…

The answer is known by all:
You put the other above
Yourself, your needs, and your desires,
That, truly is love.

Often unrequited
As love is not to be
Should never be a cage to hold
Should always be given free

Should it so be given
From hand held to passions throes
To old ages understanding silences
That the love the braggart seldom knows.

by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Love is…

First published in the poet’s collection Undressed.

Heart in clouds by oo11ohttps://buff.ly/3LukXzf

Love is…..
Talking openly to one another.
Grateful for each precious moment together.
Being our children’s mother.
Each day just keeps on getting better.
Making up when we’ve had a fight.
Feeling that the night out is our first date.
The warmth I get when you hold me tight.
Knowing I’ve finally found my soul mate.
The excitement I feel when you smile at me.
Walking in public, proud to hold hands.
Changing the word I to We.
Standing at the altar exchanging wedding bands.
Love is…. Being able to honestly say I love you.

© 2017, by Karina Kantas

Love Defined… In Case You Didn’t Know

Photo property of the poet

Just in case
I implore, please please know
Your embrace
is my cherished bestow
In its grace
pulsed my heart beats flow
In your face
that gave my world it’s glow
just in case,
you didn’t know

by Robert Trakofler

Loved Defined
On the Occasion of My Marriage

“Flight Wings Brown Butterfly Monarch Butterfly” — CC0 Public Domain https://buff.ly/3syDktS

Happiness —
that elusive animal,
that fluttery, giddy bird —
can only truly be held
when your chosen love
chooses you.
Strange how slight butterfly wings
so delicately built
(on trust, on faith, on love)
can make you fly.

by Samantha Dunaway Bryant

When Love Is Found

Photo property of the poet

Some love to play at love
never knowing love at all
And others think that love
is servitude and sacrifice
to undeserving deities
But some of us are fortunate
to find elusive true love
to know on first sight
of the loved one we are one
Such connection is a rarity
to be cherished and protected
to be valued and enhanced
by mutual consent and care
When such love is found
it must never be let go
but lived enjoyed and shared
until the very end of life.

By Stuart Aken


Couple Romantic Galaxy by 20220904 on Pixabay https://buff.ly/3gMKaXe

Is not just the butterflies
Fluttering in your

Is accepting you as you are
Including flaws, marks
Given you by Reality

Is the purest,
Force in the universe

Can change
even the hardest
Of hearts

Healer, comforter
That can mend
what’s been Shattered

A gem which true value
Can never be measured
Only experienced

Much more than feeling
Is the true heartbeat
Of life

by Carrie A. Golden

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