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Creative Writing Prompt — Spoken Word Poetry

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6 min readApr 29, 2021


Members were asked to share spoken word readings of poems on themes of what inspires them to write. Only members of the WE PAW Bloggers group on Facebook are eligible for participation in the prompt and publication in this group online magazine. Below are five poems contributed for this issue.


Photoshop illustration by D. Denise

Lollipops and raindrops
Sunflowers and sun-kissed daisies
Rolling surf and raging sea
Sailing ships and submarines

Old Glory and “purple mountain’s majesty”
Screaming guitar and lilting rhyme
Flight of fancy and high-steppin’ dances
Set free my mind to wander…

Imagine the ant’s marching journeys.
Fly, in my mind’s eye, on butterfly wings.
Roam the distant depths of space.
Unfurl tall sails and cross the ocean.

Pictures made just to enthrall
Creating images from my truth
Painting hopes and dreams on my canvas
Capturing, through my lens, the ephemeral

Let me ruminate ‘pon sensual darkness…
Tremble o’er Hollywood’s fluttering Gothics…
Ride the edge of my seat with the hero…
Weep with the heroine’s desperation.

Yet… more than all these things…

Give me words spun out masterfully…
Terms set out in meter and rhyme…
Phrases bent to rattle the soul…
Prose that always miraculously inspires me!

The trill runs up my spine, as I recall…
A touch… a caress…a whispered kiss…
Ebony eyes embracing my soul…
Two souls united in beat of hearts.

A butterfly flutter in my womb
My lover’s wonder o’er my swelling
The testament of our love given life
Newly laid in my lover’s arms

Luminous, sweet ebony eyes
Just so much like his father’s
A gaze of wonder and contentment
From my babe at mother’s breast

Words of the Divine set down for me
Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity
Grace, Mercy, and undeserved Salvation
“My Shepherd will supply my need”

These are the things that inspire me.

BYLINE: © 18 September 2014 , by Author, D. Denise Dianaty

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Things That Inspire Me

Things that inspire me, like
Waking at dawn, the luminous light
makes my heart soar, filling my mind with
contemplative awe

Things that inspire me, like
Eating ice cream, the tantalising taste
that chills the tongue, spurring me on
when I think that I’m done

Things that inspire me, like
Watching the sea, it ebbs, and it flows
with a hypnotic appeal, spellbinding whether
flat calm, or cooking up a storm

The things that inspire me, like
The gravitational force, the power of
the sun, and the pulling of the moon that
makes the ocean tides rise and fall

Things that inspire me, like
Chasing the dream, the closer you get
the further it seems, pushing yourself
’til you hold it in your hand

Things that inspire me, like
Me being me, throughout the days and
over the years, it’s the things that
inspire me, that keep it all real

Living Inspiration

Image by Muhammad Aknafi from Pixabay

In the shadows
Of the ancient peaks
I was born

Raised within the old forests
I ran as wild as the
Raging rivers

Fleeing from a world that did not understand
Trees and streams
Became my counselors

Dwelling among them
I discovered another soul
From within

One of a scribe

My body may be mortal
But the muse
Flies as free as the bird

Drifting from one deep
Green valley to the next

I’ve lived countless lives
And visited worlds
Beyond imagination

Years since have passed
And I’m far from the place
I’ll always call my home

Whenever the well
Runs dry

I’ll call upon those
Peaks and trees and water
And am made whole once more


Image by Robert Trakofler

Standing in the back yard of my typewriter
Rooted in the mercenary lavish
Of symbiosis for the equity of propagation
A peach tree grows a desirous fruit
Wrapped in the aspire of future yield
Like the penitent prayer of an old poet
Steeped in the selfish pursuits of philanthropic proclaim
For even the most generous heart
has an indulgent spirit
Its quarry, may be a smile
on the victim of a familiar wound;
or a freshly planted peach pit
bathed in the promise
of a many a harvest yet to come
but one thing is for certain
benevolent is not the peach tree
nor the author of soothes compose
though they may smile
at the trickles of nectar
dripping down freshly nourished cheeks
it is they, that get renewed

Sweet Corn and Life

Photo by Casey Gentry — CG Photography

Sweet corn tall and green
waves tassels high, sets ears low,
teasing appetites.

Silver cycle glides,
shifting between sultry scents,
tantalizing us.

Contrast car travel
with windows up, climate down,
the outdoor repelled.

Distanced from details,
shiny metal cocoons hide
drivers detachment.

Nimbly wheeling past others
we cycle willful winds,
passing wistful looks.

Smelling corn’s sweetness
amid forest and flower,
time stills then resumes.

In moments like that,
life is chocolate melting
softly in your mouth.

Ride and live fully,
savoring the wild journey,
heartfelt and soul deep.

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D. Denise Dianaty, Editor and Graphic Designer for the WE PAW Bloggers E-Zine. Administrator for the writers forum “WE PAW Bloggers” group and its sister group “Pandora’s Box of Horrors” on Facebook. In addition to being a self-published author and poet, artist, art-photographer, and administrator of the group, “WE PAW Bloggers,” Denise is a graphic designer with 25+ years experience, predominately in print media.



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