WE PAW Bloggers E-zine — Issue 69

The Valentines prompts were open only to the WE PAW Bloggers group members on Facebook. Member contributors were asked to share in either/or both prompts. The prompts were “Happy Valentines” for sweet or happy love poems, “Black Valentines” for sad or dark or angry love poems.

Alone In My Bed

Alone in my bed
I’m thinking of you
Those moments complete
of one heart from two

a time of times
that we could stand
against the grind
two souls entwined
a love sublime
that kept
our bearing

Alone in my bed
I’m lying with you
A ghost in my sleep
embracing me through

divine divide
as we were born
repletes denied
still we did find
our souls combined
to fill
our aches

Alone in my bed
I’m crying for you
You heart still I keep
Till we meet anew

BYLINE © 2021, by Robert Trakofler


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Don’t wear those shoes.
Your hair doesn’t suit you that way.
Take off that dress. You look like a slut.
Don’t talk unless you’re spoken to.
Jeez, you’re such a klutz.

You drink too much.
You shouldn’t smoke.
Those jeans make you look fat.
Are you stupid; can’t you think for yourself?
Do you like being used as a mat?

There are days when you’re there for me.
Days when all you do is fight.
There are times when you make me feel so low.
And days when you hold me real tight.

I’m fed up with you telling me what to do
whom I should be.
When to go out, who I should see.
You don’t own me, and you never will.
So, I’m off now; I’ve had my fill.

See ya!

First published in UNDRESSED.
Based on a flash fiction from Heads & Tales

BYLINE: Karina Kantas, Author

So Far Away

Mixed media landscape painting by D. Denise Dianaty

Stolen… lost moments…
Deep hidden places…
Secret longing ache…
Rising ‘pon the precipice… falling…
Undulating, rushing sound…
Wall of music… rising pain…
Feeling like it’s all been done…
Got to go through Hell
To get to my Heaven
So far away…

I heard you crying loud…
Wailing outside my door…
Stealing voice from my pain…
Never thinking…
Of how things might’ve been.
Taking me… taking me down…
Tearing me apart.
Was it just a game for you?
Making me a fool… lost…
So far away…

To this door you have no key.
It’s closed to you forevermore.
My wounded heart bides
In this sweet healing space.
What you lost, he gains…
Through trust… and gentle knocking…
Healing drams of love…
Laid at my feet, softly waiting.
Opening to love, I give my hand…
He whispers me a kiss…
Far from you… from pain… he takes me
So far away.

BYLINE: © 27 August 2014, by D. Denise Dianaty

Lovers of Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall under seige in Cromwellian Times while home to the Redmond Family

She was a fine maiden of thirty years
At the table playing cards
He, the dark stranger who had come
A gentleman of kind regards.

He had lost his way in the Hook Head fog
As did many a traveller before
Some say on horseback, more by sea
The truth in the fog of time is known no more.

As the time wore on her heart was lost
It is said, as the whist games were won,
A card dropped by her showed his cloven feet:
He was no mortals son!

A scream she let, in a puff of smoke he went
It was the devil himself who stole
The heart of Amy Loftus
As he played for her very soul!

She lost her mind, poor Amy
To the Tapestry Room was confined
Until she died she madly cried
In language broad and unrefined.

By some its said she can be seen
In a stiff dress to a closet in the corner to walk
More say the devil comes to attack those in the bed
Such is the local tales and talk.

More say a skeleton once upon a time
Behind the closet it was found
Was it her — or was it him
That was not buried in sacred ground?

She loved well, as well did he,
Her family disapproved
Was he murdered and hidden in the Tapestry room?
The truth will never be known or proved…

We know poor Amy lost her mind
Broken hearted, maybe with fear
His ghost malevolent, her’s is not
Should either of them appear.

Some slept while the room had a bed
Tales of each apparition was seen
Fr Thomas Broaders exorcised the house
Bar to the Tapestry Room where she confined had been.

It had been changed to a billiard room
How had her spirit taken it, it was inquired
She made an awful racket with the billiard balls
The changes her rage had fired!

Today, Loftus Hall is torn down
Another house stands in its stead
The locals tell tales to strangers now
Of the lovers, the devil and the dead!

* The story of Amy Tottenham from the Tottenham family themselves

BYLINE: Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Love Is

Photo by the poet

Love is…..

Talking openly to one another.
Grateful for each precious moment together.
Being our children’s mother.
Each day just keeps on getting better.

Making up when we’ve had a fight.
Feeling that the night out is our first date.
The warmth I get when you hold me tight.
Knowing I’ve finally found my soul mate.

The excitement I feel when you smile at me.
Walking in public, proud to hold hands.
Changing the word I to We.
Standing at the altar exchanging wedding bands.

Love is……
……Being able to honestly say I love you.

Originally published in UNDRESSED.

BYLINE: Karina Kantas, Author

Sleepless Nights

Photo sole property of the poet

What is it that makes my mouth
utter words, purposely throwing us
into tete-a-tetes of nothings
and everythings?
Even when I protest against
my body as it droopily
sinks like quicksand
beneath my bed covers
just to hear your low,
lulling voice 202.41 miles away.
Now 9 months, 10 days, 2 weeks,
3 hours and 45 minutes has gone by
and I still don’t want to say goodnight
because I want to say good morning.

Originally published in my self-pub chapbook “Can You Catch My Flow?”

BYLINE: Lidy Wilks

Livin’ the Dream

Book cover and photo property of the poet

You know I’ve dreamed half my life away
And crashed hard when the fantasy
Didn’t turn out like I hoped it’d be

But those times seem so far behind me
Since good fortune seemed to find me.
Always wanted to share my dreams with someone
Never thought I would till now.

Without love my other dreams had no meaning
Now I thank Heaven that we dream together
I’m still a dreamer but reality’s so much better with you
Baby let’s keep livin’ the dream forever.

Love and romance were always elusive
And maybe now I know why.
Fate simply had other plans for me.

Before your love I was alone and uninspired.
On my own, disillusioned in every endeavor.
I’m still a dreamer but reality’s better than a dream with you
Baby let’s keep livin’ this dream forever.

BYLINE: Jennie Baron

Whisper Me A Kiss

“A Perfect Kiss” — Original Artwork by the poet

This love poem was inspired by a way my husband has when he kisses me.

Whisper me a kiss…

Softly… softly brushing my cheek
As an — Oh! — so delicate caress…
A gentle kiss upon my fingertips,
So healing in its tenderness…
Breathing your kiss upon my mouth,
You softly whisper me a kiss…

Oh! Whisper me a kiss…

In your sweet breath is the promise
Wafting me gently to a healing space
This oft tossed ship carried ‘pon your breath
Oh! Let me harbor in your embrace!
Oh love… again… whisper me a kiss…
Set us free to sail ‘cross time and space.

Oh! Again… Whisper me a kiss…

In your arms, the promise of forever…
Shining as stars in your ebony eyes
Come my love, tomorrow’s our dawn…
Floating free as the star flies
Our love, the vessel… you, my tether…
On whispered kisses, together we’ll rise.

Softly… Softly… Whisper me a kiss…

BYLINE: © 30 August 2014, by D. Denise Dianaty

No Regrets

Photo taken by the poet, in Guatemala

With you, there were blazing sunsets
Nights full of stars,
Comets, adventure, UFOs,
Shuffleboard, and bars.
Warm nights, coyote dream,
Creative time in two rooms,
Laughing till tears, your turn to buy
Big breakfast at noon.
Now orange and pink sunrises
In a rearview mirror unfold
With quiet time, books, friends,
Future clueless yet bold.
Somethings go, never to return
Or linger melancholy;
Life is good, cherished gifts,
Love denied, yet held dearly.
Thank you for years,
Joy of memory, time well spent,
Photographs, and ticket stubs.
Peace to you, my love, and happiness.

BYLINE: Toni Kief

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D. Denise Dianaty, Editor and Graphic Designer for the WE PAW Bloggers E-Zine. Administrator for the writers forum “WE PAW Bloggers” group and its sister group “Pandora’s Box of Horrors” on Facebook. In addition to being a self-published author and poet, artist, art-photographer, and administrator of the group, “WE PAW Bloggers,” Denise is a graphic designer with 25+ years experience, predominately in print media.



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