WE PAW Bloggers E-zine — Issue 40

What we writers, poets, authors, and artists of all types do reflects the joys and turmoils in our societies in which we create. We creatives are the mirrors of our society in the midst of our the still growing global pandemic and a new generation of righteous struggle for civil rights and equal justice.

Let us be the clarion call for a better future.


This prompt is open only to WE PAW Bloggers group members on Facebook. Member contributors were asked to submit ANY writing about our feelings, our or our community’s situation, our and/or our family’s daily diary, etc. during these multiple crises; any escapism or fantasy writes, poetry or prose inspired by these situation. Contributors were asked to put the dystopia we may be feeling into words. Limits were 1000 or less written only submissions and/or spoken word readings under seven minutes in length (with text attached); contributors were also limited to one submission per week.

NOTE: Poets may contribute more than one poem per issue. However, the sum total of the word count for all submitted poems may not exceed 1000 words.


I have suspended our regularly featured structured writing prompts during this crisis. Take care of yourselves and keep writing.

The world, its now a different place, and yet so much the same.

US $20 United States twenty-dollar bill — Price of a life in America

As protest, to show the price of a life in the Land of the Free, the following verse has been written:

Life is not free in the Land of the Free
Life is cheap if you happen to be
Not white, but if you are white and a cop
You get a call to answer a complaint of a shop
You are free to press down on a mans neck till he dies
Ignore his pleas and his cries
Ignore his vitals subsided, get in medics way
You are the law, and all do what you say…
Life is cheap if black you happen to be
In the attentions of a cop in the Land of the Free.

Reflections on COVID19

As we emerge from COVID19 hoping for no second wave, the cocooning has proven that in life you don’t need time to do writing, you need to be in the right state of mind.

While not over worried, I found it a bad time to be writing unlike as I expected, and it’s only as things settle down the infamous writers block seems to lift!

The Infamous Book

To spite all the time in the world, due to chronic laziness, the infamous book still hasn’t come together! It may yet, or as my dad used to say “It may occur but never happen!”

Adapting to Technology

I used to be on the cutting edge of technology, but have drifted a little in the last few years.

However, COVID has got me up to speed again as it did with lots of others, and the use of Google Hangouts has shown how we can network.

With fellow writers in Longford Writers Group we managed this in the last couple of months. For those who cant attend meetings in person, it may be a way to attend when face to face meetings are allowed again.

Galway Hooker at the Docks — Photo taken by Tomás Carty

BYLINE: Thomas Carty a.k.a Tomás Carty a.k.a. Tomás Ó Cárthaigh


In the shadowy solicit
Of my solitudes slight
To the specters I elicit
Hints of solace and spite
A soliloquy of silence
Shrieks my semblance to ghost
Strikes a cognizant defiance
Stealing self’s willing host
In this my solfeggio scrawl
Sings a sincerity
Of verse to streak the canvas call
Of shade to clarity
A solitaire in lambency
A solstice from the stark
A grace from solemn’s agony
A gift in soul’s remark

BYLINE: Robert Trakofler a.k.a. Bad Bunny

Making a Room of My Own, the 2020 edition

I’ve technically had a “room of my own” for a couple of years now. When the eldest daughter went off to college, the younger daughter moved into the larger bedroom, leaving the smaller one available to be transformed into an office for me.

But the transformation has been slow. Having a room to use didn’t give me time and money to make it into what I wanted it to be in one fell swoop, but now I’m on a steady trajectory to let the butterfly out of the chrysalis and I can hardly wait.

Photo by Samantha Dunaway Bryant

The room when I inherited it was ten foot by ten foot with two solid walls, one wall that is mostly closet, and a fourth wall which is mostly window. The first thing I did was take off all the window coverings and put up shelves across the windows (a design my father and mother came up with for me) and fill them with plants and glass objects that the light shines through.

When I first wrote about my dreams for this room back in 2017, plants were high on the list of what it would take to make the room *mine*.

Photo by Samantha Dunaway Bryant

By 2018, I had collected a few objects that will be permanent: a comic book spinner rack, a lamp my parents made for me, a footstool that resembles a hippopotamus and hides a storage compartment, some antique school desks that have been mine since childhood, a cool round shelf/table Mom found for me, that holds the lamp and my Alexa device for music, lighting control, and contact with the rest of the house.

But in 2019, the room still housed a lot of things that don’t belong there and I hadn’t made any changes to the walls or floor, other than a half-hearted attempt to peel off the little girl wallpaper (white with pink flowers against a pale pink wall, with a Disney princess border). I was stuck because we had to finish another household project first (the attic game storage room) in order to be able to move some things out of my office and get room to maneuver.

Luckily? (somehow that doesn’t seem like quite the right word), I’ve had a lot of time at home since March. No conventions. No travel. No movie dates. The upside of all that “no” was lots of time at home and energy to invest in finishing house projects. So the attic project got done, and now I’m free to take on my own room!

Photo by Samantha Dunaway Bryant

First was a sofa.

There’s nothing like spending quarantine sitting on a crappy used sofa to make you think that maybe it’s not that bad to spend a lot of money on a comfy seat.

It’s a great sofa for the way I like to sit and write. The arms are quite tall and comfortable to sit leaning into without or with throw pillows. It’s got only one cushion, so there’s no “between the cushions.” If I sit with my back against an arm, it’s just the right length for me to stretch my legs out towards the other corner. It’s also quite lightweight, letting me move it around by myself should I need to rearrange to film a reading or host a meeting or something.

Photo by Samantha Dunaway Bryant

Those curtains behind it, hiding the closet still full of random household goods, were once in my elder daughter’s bedroom. I took them as a stop-gap, but I might keep them. They make me pretty happy. I like leafy patterns.

And finally, just this week, I got to start the walls! There was a lot to do — finishing removing the wallpaper, repairing the damage to the wall from peeling off the wallpaper, sanding, cleaning, taping, priming, re-priming, painting, touch-up, and smudging the glaze.

Photo by Samantha Dunaway Bryant

The end result isn’t quite what I pictured, but it’s pretty! So I’m calling this a win, as in “I tried something new and didn’t screw it up!”

I think for the next wall, I’m going to try blending it less well so it looks patchier and if that doesn’t work, I’ll consider buying a different shade, something that contrasts a little more.

I’m really loving that I’m doing all this work myself. It makes it that much more a room of my own!

BYLINE: Samantha Dunaway Bryant

Image Source

Simple Acts of Kindness

I wrote this poem to express my opinion on the current pandemic situation, and I think it makes my stance quite clear. This isn’t a game, it’s not just a government conspiracy, it’s not fake. This pandemic is very very real, as evidenced by the thousands of people becoming sick and dying on a daily basis.

So please, stay at home whenever possible. And if you absolutely have to go out, then please wear a face mask. Stay as far away from other people as possible while you’re out. Follow the guidelines that have been laid out by official health organizations like the CDC. Most of all, please be kind to other people and show them the consideration you’d like to have for yourself.

Simple Acts of Kindness

Simple acts of kindness
All you have to do is wear a mask
Just stay at home until the situation
Is proven to be under control
Don’t participate in certain activities,
You’ll have time for them later on
It isn’t a game, not a matter
To be trifled with or ignored
Follow the guidelines,
Do what is best for others and yourself
Wear a mask, stay at home,
Show consideration to the people around you
All easy things you can do,
Steps that will undoubtedly help
Simple acts of kindness,
What we must do to fight this

BYLINE: © 27 June 2020, by Haley Scully

Image Source

Only A Temporary Fix

I have noticed changes
They look good
The waters are cleaner
The forest looks good

The air is fit for breathing
The air has cleaned up
Covid 19 lockdown has changed us
A temporary fix is not enough

Things will go back to always
Pollution fills the world
The waters are polluted
Did we even care

BYLINE: Allan Green, Environmental Poet a.k.a. The Poet Guppyman

Image Source

Lil Baby

2020- musical dramatic dreams unfold at night!

🎶 Hush lil baby
Don’t you cry!

🎶 It’s all gonna be just fine! 🎶

🎶 Yeah, lil baby,
We done seen
This year
More than just trix!

🎶 lil baby
Don’t you cry
Hold your eyes so
You don’t see what’s
Inside that house!

🎶 I know it’s crazy
Mamma got you
We will survive

🎶 Hush lil baby
Shh, now
We gotta be quite…
it’s gonna be good
I promise
Hold on tight!

As we run
Through the woods tonight!

🎶 Hold your ears
Baby, don’t listen to what
They say
It’s gonna mess
With your mind!

🎶 Just snuggle up
lil baby, don’t touch that bunny
It really ain’t that funny!

🎶 Momma gotta gun tonight! 🎶

In that house
Blood red interiors
With shag white wool carpets!

🎶 Lil baby, keep on running,
Mamma has to stay behind
So, she can cover you!

Stay low
Lil baby
Go behind that tree
Sh! Be quite!
I can still see you!

🎶 Mamma alright
Lil baby
Count to 40
Lil baby!

Silent be still
You come back to me!

🎶 Mamma gonna hold
Mamma gonna save us, lil baby

It’s dangerous…

🎶 Runs behind the tree! 🎶


Bam, Bam,Bam!!! 💥

Baby counts slow, “One, two, three…
….thirty-nine, forty!”

🎶 Com’ on baby
It’s okay
Mamma got you
Lil baby,
It’s gonna be just fine!

Now, let’s go find your
Real mommy…
Lil baby…
What’s your name?

Yes, you can hold my hand!
I protect the innocent
It’s just the way
I am!

🎶 Till Daddy
come at midnight!!!
Mamma got you
It’s gonna be alright!

Give me your hand!
Hugs tight!

🎶 I’m not a stranger,
I’m your protector,
Even if it’s just for tonight!

Drop mic! 🎤

Rubs eyes-
Wakes up-

Dang, what a dream,
I had last night!

Looks around…

Lil baby…
Holy crap..

🎶 Hush little baby, It’s gonna be just fine, mamma got you,
lil baby!

( repeats!)
BYLINE: © Gloria Hudson


Image Source

Coronavirus caused many dreams to be shattered,
Leaving many innocent hearts broken and battered.
Plans for overseas weddings have been put on hold
Lovers are faced with cancellations but have no control.

I know a cute couple who bought a house in Miami.
Waiting to move in when vows were sealed in matrimony.
They met in University and live in different parts of the world.
With borders closed, the wedding had to be postponed.

Tearful eyes tell similar stories wherever we turn
They all ask, “When will this virus leave us alone?
Will life ever return to what it used to be?”
We are now told the wind transports it to every country.

Scientists are unable to identify the cause or a cure.
When a vaccine will be available they are unsure.
Protect yourselves and take every measure.
Stay safe, to your loved ones, you’re a treasure.

BYLINE: © Brenda Mohammed



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